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will be hunkered down. obama in nevada and mitt romney in denver come tuesday. in terms of their post debate plans, we're hearing paul ryan and mitt romney will reunite essentially and campaign in virginia. president obama will be in denver and madison, wisconsin, and joe biden will be in iowa. obviously, a lot going on in the final -- and the final preparations for the debate and just right after. >> yeah, and, you know, you talk about the zingers which is so interesting. clearly, each candidate wants to at least make his mark and obviously say something memorable for all the voters there. romney running with paul ryan, he was on the sunday talk shows today. we haven't heard much out of vice president biden lately. we know you've been traveling with him. when he's on the record he says a lot of interesting things. i guess he says a lot of things when he's off the record with you guys. >> a lot of things we won't talk about right now. as you just said, i have been traveling extensively with the vice president, but publicly he's out with these new attack lines against his republican opponent basica
. what i don't like is that he doesn't offer a solution, he just shuts down ideas. >> president obama wants to talk about what do we do with these ten to 10 million people. a lot of americans including myself say before we have that discussion, let's secure the border. >> both candidates say they'll work on that. casey wian, cnn, los angeles. >>> it's an issue that impacts neighbors all across the country, we're talking about illegal drugs. so why aren't the men who want to be president talking about it? [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters. wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier, less-expensive option than using a traditional lawyer? well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense. >>> illegal drugs and drug abuse are dest
'll reverse those cuts once he gets into the oval do in virginia beach almos soons speech, president obama started his. he hadirginia smat tore jim webb introducinghi the former navy secretary. president obama pulling outhis big guns down there, and it's all about these military defense issues because, susan, that is a huge industry in this state. those jobs are very important, very critical in this state. it's not a surprise to see both campaigns going after those voters. >> we know they seer going after the veterans. is there any difference in strategy between these twho candidates when it comes to dealing with veterans? >> reporter: i don't think so. i think that both campaigns realize that veterans, a lot of them are senior citizens and senior citizens vote. you heard mitt romney trying to tie national security issues to that new economic data that came out today. the gdp was revised downward as we have been recording in the second quarter from 1.7% to 1.3%. mitt romney said take a look at gdp numbers over in china and russia, the united states is falling behind those countries. he sai
time someone can really go after president obama over the administration's handling of what went down in libya and their explanation it was a spontaneous attack. this is the first time that somebody can really push directly on president obama about that. >> okay. we'll see what happens on wednesday. the debate about the debate has to end now, thank you so much. much appreciated as always. >> thank you. >> cnn's live coverage of the debate starts wednesday night 7:00 eastern. >>> the highest court in the land is now in session for a new term. supreme court justices are putting on their robes for the first time since the most talked about decision the court's made in decades, that would be obama care. joe johns is live outside the court. we never get to see the justices walk into the court. it's kind of a bummer. >> no, i know. it just doesn't happen. i think they come in the back way quite frankly, carol. >> they're going to tackle controversial issues this term. >> reporter: yeah, i think so. probably the biggest cases they've actually accepted are, starting with affirmative action. t
this president down a notch. so in all likelihood my suspicion is you'll see president obama playing defense first, and mitt romney sort of going after him and trying to take a few chunks outof the armor. >> a breaking news matter out of pennsylvania you've been covering this, this judge that ruled the state can't enforce the new vote are i.d. law in the upcoming election. who does it impact, what does it mean? >> we're talking about probably 90,000 some say maybe 100,000, even more according to some accounts of people who don't have the type of i.d. required under this new law in the state of pennsylvania, the judge after an appeals court ruled had to essentially put in an injunction that injunction says we're not going to enforce this vote are i.d. law through november. nonetheless, he also left it open for people at the polls to ask for i.d. of people who come to vote. it's just that the law is not going to be enforced. there's a question rightow that we're still trying network out as to whether they will have to fill out provisional ballots or just vote regularly even if they don't have
strategist concedes president obama is ahead as september winds down and early voting opens. >> anybody that knows football the fourth quarter is when most of the action appears so october will be big and if romney has a good start to the month, we'll be fine. >> reporter: he warns against making too much of the early rush. >> in 2010 democrats had an edge in early voting as well. i can't tell you exactly what the edge was but it was a significant edge and republicans still swept the state. it is the difference of strategy, you put your money in the last three weeks or the early voting. >> reporter: the gop sent the first early vote mailing just this week. >> can mitt romney and paul ryan count on your support this november election? excellent. and would you be interested in voting early this election? >> reporter: karen is credited with making the iowa gop's 1 millionth voter call this cycle. >> i am calling with a brief three-question survey about issue that is matter to iowa. >> reporter: she is doing her part as republicans play early voter catch up. >> we're working hard and rollin
and writes about health care for the new republic. >> the obama budget says we want to hold down costs to this target and we're going to do our very best to accomplish that. we're also not going to sacrifice benefits. no matter what happens, we will make sure that seniors get the same level of benefits they're getting now. >> both obama and romney agree that health care needs to be more affordable. they just disagree about how to do that. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] on of his bigst supporters. [ female an with cisco at the center... working together has ner worked so well. the ones who make us laugh, onesng shlder to lean on, the ones we're named after, and the oned after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at n york life, everything we do is
grounded and the faa is investigating. >>> counting down to tomorrow's debate, president obama's biggest challenge not mitt romney? >>> legalizing marijuana, it's not just a pipe dream in the state hosting tomorrow's debate. we'll look at an issue for a coveting voting block. >>> and ikea is apologizing, now saying it regrets deleting images of women from the saudi version of its catalog. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, and thank you so much for being with us, i'm carol costello, we begin with the growing problem for american airlines. imagine being on a plane and having your seat just detached from the floor while you're in the air. it's happened twice in the last few days on two separate american airline planes. >> passenger seats rows 12d, e, and f came loose out of the floor, and we n't want that thing flying around. the seat is loose and can rotate pretty quickly. >> yesterday a flight from new york to miami had to return to jfk after some seats came loose in the cabin. and last week a seat from boston to miami had to make an emergency landing at jfk in new york after three sea
. >> reporter: president obama is ahead, as september winds down and early voting is open. >> anybody that knows football, knows that the first quarter is when the action happens. so october will be big, and romney will have a head start. >> reporter: but once again, making much of the early rush. >> in 2010, the democrats had an edge in the early voting, as well. i can't tell you exactly what it was. but the republicans still swept the state. a difference of strategy, you put the money in the last few weeks or the early voting. >> reporter: the gop sent the first early voting just this week. >> can paul ryan and mitt romney count on your support this election? excellent, and would you be interested in voting early this election? >> reporter: they're credited with making it the one millionth call. >> we're calling about issues important to iowa. >> reporter: she is doing her part now as republicans play early voting catch-up. >> we're rolling up our sleeves, putting our boots on and we're at it it. so we still have time. >> reporter: john king, iowa city, iowa. >>> and now to pennsylvania, where
is hunkering down, getting ready for the first showdown between him and president obama. romney is spending a lot of time this week to prepare for the debate. the same thing for the president. he is off the campaign trail, today, tomorrow, off to nevada. but basically he is spending a lot of this week, we believe, behind closed doors getting ready. meanwhile, both are trying to lower the bar for the candidates. even the candidates themselves are doingñr it. take a listen to mitt romney, recently on the campaign trail. >> i mean, he is president of the united states, a very good speaker. >> now, he is a very good speaker, i am sure in the debates, as last time with senator john mccain he will be very eloquent. >> reporter: and it is not only mitt romney playing that game, so is the obama campaign. >> what history tells us, the challenger wins the first debate just due to the fact they are standing on the stage with the president. so they come into it as the underdog,ing so we're coming into it very realistic that mitt romney will win, if he plays his cards right. >> stephanie cutter making
the young vote for obama did make a difference in 2008. their enthusiasm down a little bit so if the campaign on the campus, the university of iowa campus, identifies them early and vote early, number one, they have a test. if they forget what day it is or a party the night before, you get the vote in the bank early and doing that, you can call people undecided closer to election day and not people to vote for the president. >> these are hard core supporters saying you know what? i don't care what happens in the next five-plus weeks. i have made up my mind. correct? >> reporter: right. and that's why republicans say you're not getting anybody today that you wouldn't get two weeks from now, three weeks from now and election day 40 days from now. republicans say you can make too much of this. anybody voting now is an absolute democrat. absolutely in the camp and not waiting for the debates and anyone for mitt romney is an absolute republican but you mentioned the break in the race. iowa is one of the swing states broken in the president's favor right now by a few points and anyt
that this election will really come down to a few key states. and the polls in those states are looking solidedly in obama's column. so what is team romney to do? how about this. work hard. spend money. spend time. bang that shoe leather to the sidewalk. and maybe even cast some doubt on polls that run favorable. cnn's wolf blitzer joining me live from washington. wolf, the romney camp is suggesting that a lot of those mainstream bombs are skewed in some way, that they're not accurate.are skewed in some way, that they're not accurate. i want to play a short clip. >> we trust our internal polls. i don't make any campaign decisions based off what i read in the "washington post." so i'm not going to get into the specifics of what our polls say or tonight say. i trust our numbers and that's what we're basing our decisions off of. >> but he won't give us those numbers. so here's how it goes. every time bad numbers come out, i hear campaigns saying we don't use those numbers, we use our own. but i never hear that when the numbers are good. am i wrong? >> you're not wrong, but the fundamental fact of wh
and in terms of hearings, coming at a very bad time for president obama and the democrats. >> something to look for possibly if not tomorrow night in denver in that debate down the road for sure. as we talk libya, we talked a lot, erin, on your show and my show, about afghanistan. but if you look at iraq where the president ended u.s. combat relations and he's touted that, they're having huge problems there. >> it's amazing. as you talk about it, last week at his speech to the u.n. general assembly, the president went through a list of what he considered to be his big victories, osama bin laden being dead was one and ending the war in iraq was another one. september was the deadliest in terms of attack since august of 2010, which is pretty shocking since the war is technically over. on top of that reuters has some footage that we have for you of literally pictures of the iotolla from iran. pictures all over iraq now as iran is trying to gain and perhaps succeeding at gaining more and more power in iraq. this is a big question that obviously is going to be a problem for whatever president's next
's out on the campaign trail for president obama, and he still finds time to sit down with piers morgan. >>> six weeks until we choose a president and new information is out regarding the must-win state of ohio. mitt romney may be down but don't count him out. >>> and the future is now. google's been working on the driverless car. now one state is letting the internet giant test this prototype on city streets. prototype on city streets. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> and good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. this just in to the newsroom. another sign the economy could be improving. just released a report showing that sales of new homes jumped again in august. but let's quickly take a look at some of the other encouraging numbers that have recently come out. home prices in 20 major cities have gone up for the past three months. consumers are spending me. one example, 3% more spent on household goods compared to 2010. gas prices are down. still expensive. the national average at $3.83 a gallon. now let's break down the new ho
on wednesday night where the two candidates showed down and show that choice between what mitt romney would do in the white house over the next four years or what president obama would do if re-elected. >> poeshltyly. nine out of the ten key battleground states. now romney has actually -- he has debated almost 20 times in the primary season. how does he actually change people's impression of him? particularly his likability factor. >> and we've seen that he has a little bit of a deficit, yovrl, when it comes to likability, when it comes to his favorable and unfavorable numbers compared to the president in a lot of these polls. yeah, i think part of -- a little bit of what he is going to try to do is show more of the human face, and we've seen him try to do that on the campaign trail as well. go back to that number, though. you just showed that. that is a brand new poll from abc news and the washington post, suzanne. they asked, simple as this, who is more likely to win the debates. >> with the exception of just a few cases, usually the debates don't usually change the game. we have more than h
on the syrian border with turkey. >> there's a possible solution to cutting down world hunger and pushing the economies in europe and japan into double digit growth. our next guest is explaining why helping women changes the world. i'm barack obama and i approve this message. romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheaters" vo: tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? >>> giving the world an economic shot in the arm, boosting prospects for peace. a tall order, right? my next guest says it can be done by taking issue on one single issue. we're talking about boosting the well-being of women. she's been named one of for's magazine's five most powerful women. good to see you, valonne. when hillary clinton was first woman, you traveled by her side. you have a new title. ambassador
. it's ebbing streamly competitive. the latest polls show that president obama actually leads in the battleground state of ohio. >>> if you are trying to save money by cutting down on your grocery bill, there is one way to do it. it's kind of odd. i haven't heard this before. it is a food auction. you bid on your groceries. i want to bring in cnn's cat kinsman who recommends it. she's joining us from morning. is this really like going once, going twice, potato chips? you know, is that how it sounds? >> yeah. it pretty much does. i haven't gotten to go to one myself, about the my colleague jonathan hellman went and reported that people are saving huge amounts of money on their groceries by participating in those auctions. now, people -- you're not bidding against your fellow bidders or anything. you're coming together on the maximum price that people will pay, and then everybody gets to pay that price, so it's a win-wane situation all around. you can buy snacks, frozen items, whatsoever, but people are saving between 40% and 09% on their grocery this is way. >> wow. that's pret
smuggled inside and detonated by rebels. here too troops crack down on areas with brute force. three cities, one war, tens of thousands dead. and at the united nations complete failure to stop it. bill neely, itv news, homs. >>> back here at home, president obama and his challenger both hitting the trail, both in ohio, a state both of these campaigns would love to have. but for mitt romney, new polls out today suggest it is not looking good. find out what's behind the widening gap. cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...but you still have to go to the gym. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. >
was running for re-election in 2004, to your earlier point, he sat down with almost a half dozen leaders for bilateral meetings, and as you point out, president obama, zero. >> okay. i just want to mention, jessica, that the woman speaking before the united nations general assembly right now is the president of brazil, just so viewers know who she is. president obama is expected to speak in just about seven minutes. ambassador hill, i'd like you to address the fact that president obama mentions ambassador chris stevens many times in his speech. what is he trying to get across to this international audience? >> well, first of all, i think you correctly pointed out this is to an international audience, but it's also to a domestic u.s. audience. i mean, this is quite a donnybrook of a campaign, so i think he does have to speak to the american people. but i think to both audiences, he is really pointing out that america has gone into this region with a sense of good will, that chris stevens was an example of really the finest we have to offer in terms of diplomacy, and i think he wants to ma
in boca raton, florida, earlier this afternoon vice president joe biden was talking to a crowd down there. and he said to that crowd, he said he wasn't planning on talking about israel today, but he said president obama has been a stronger ally of israel's than any other president he served with in eight years. that in the words of the vice president. so that is also a big out on the campaign trail today, both sides trying to show who would be the bigger ally of israel at this point. >> all right, fascinating thanks so much, jim acosta. appreciate that. >>> and don't forget, you want to catch that first presidential debate, denver, colorado, romney versus obama. that's next wednesday, 8:00 p.m. eastern time he on c. >>> theh dayof the united natis general assembly and a side group is taking on auably the bloodiest and most brutal problem in the world today. syria. the conf there has reportedlyed more than 30,000 people since march of last yea more than twthirdsre civilians. this is youtube video out of aleppo, the city of aleppo. today, the german foreign minister made a plea before the a
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)